Strand of Oaks’ Hard Love is the First Great Rock Album of 2017

Strand of Oaks lead singer-songwriter Tim Showalter has made a fine career out of penning songs about topics that most other singer-songwriters—most other musicians—would not dare address. He also has a great ear for what makes a song stick in a listener’s head (or ears); from his 2009 release Leave Ruin to his band’s breakthrough […]

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Death of a Songwriter: George Michael’s Best 10 Songs

In a year that saw the death of so many music stars, there was still something particularly painful about George Michael’s death. This may be highly subjective but I think that for those of us in our 40s or 50s, George Michael was the ultimate songwriting companion. Many noted that his music was “the soundtrack of […]

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The Greatest Christmas Songs Of All Time – With Added Spotify List!

By Kate Lillie Originally published on Global Comment For the last month, we at Global Comment have posted a song a day of the best Christmas songs of all time. Now, here they are gathered together into one post, with an added Spotify list. What’s your favourite Christmas song? Did we get it right? Let […]

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