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Master of Puppets


Album Master of Puppets

“Master of Puppets” is the second track from the 1986 album of the same name from Metallica, an American heavy metal band.

“Master of Puppets” was written by all members of Metallica and is a song about the eventual side effects drugs will have on an individual’s life. In an 1988 interview with Thrasher magazine, lead singer James Hetfield explained the meaning behind the track: ““Master of Puppets” deals pretty much with drugs. How things get switched around, instead of you controlling what you’re taking and doing its drugs controlling you. Like, I went to a party here in S.F., there were all these freaks shooting up and geezin’ and this other girl was real sick.” It is Metallica’s most played song of all time.

There is no official music video for the track, but a live performance at one of Metallica’s concerts in Manchester in the UK is uploaded on their YouTube channel. Since its upload in July 2019, the video has over 5.4 million views in less than six months.

Release Date: 2nd July 1986

Songwriter/s: Cliff Burton, Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield & Lars Ulrich

Producer/s: Metallica & Flemming Rasmussen

Label/s: New Electric Way, Music for Nations & Elektra

Certifications & Accolades: “Master of Puppets” is certified Gold in Italy. VH1 has ranked the song as the “third greatest heavy metal song ever”; in March 2005, Q Magazine placed the song at #22 on its “100 Greatest Guitar Tracks” list and Total Guitar magazine ranked it #1 on their “100 Greatest Riffs” poll.

The lyrics to “Master of Puppets” can be viewed here: LINK

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