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“driver’s license”, “Don’t Play” & more from this week’s UK charts

Welcome to “hits of week & their stories”, our latest weekly instalment. Choosing five songs from Spotify’s UK Top 50 Chart, we bring you bite-sized stories behind the most popular songs right now. “driver’s license” – Olivia Rodrigo (currently at #1) The song that has taken the UK charts (and the globe) by storm, “driver’s […]

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Can't Tell You EP (2019)

Artists You Should Know About: Amy S-Y & Dom Stern

Amy S-Y and Dom Stern are two 23 year old London based creatives and are changing the game when it comes to genre expectations, production and the creative process. I first heard Amy and Dom’s music when I saw Amy share a track titled “Girl” to her personal Instagram… and the rest is history. With […]

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Artists You Should Know About: GINGE

“I don’t think I remember a life without singing, or without music”, GINGE (Renée), tells me one evening over our WhatsApp video call. GINGE laughs, and continues: “Well, I guess that’s most people say when they are asked this question.” She is bubbly, surrounded by a full head of red hair (probably a big sign […]

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