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you should see me in a crown

Billie Eilish


“you should see me in a crown” is by far Eilish’s most heavily influenced trap pop track to date. Initially released as a single in July 2018, the track was part of Eilish’s highly anticipated and critically acclaimed studio album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”, which was released in March earlier this year.

“We wrote this song ‘cause of Sherlock, actually,”, Eilish told BBC Radio1 DJ Annie Mac when premiering the track. “…’cause there’s a scene where Jim Moriarty says, ‘You should see me in a crown’ and me and my brother were like, ‘Hey, that’s jiggy as fuck.’ Then we just sorta made the song about being jiggy I guess, and you should see me in a crown, so there it is.” Eilish also spoke to Billboard about her favourite line from the song: “‘I like the way they all scream’. …It’s pretty simple, but I think it’s dope… I feel like if I heard that, I’d be freaked out and I love being freaked out, so I really want to freak other people out. …I just want it to sound like, if you heard it in a dark room, it’d be fucking scary. So terrifying…but that’s the goal, is to freak everybody out. My songs have in the past just been sad, and more sad and some more sad and so to write a song that’s kind of almost empowering, that was not even something I ever thought of doing or wanted to do, even.”

The first video for the track was released in August 2018 and was a vertical video designed for mobile users to watch. It featured Eilish with large spiders crawling around in Eilish’s hair and mouth. Contrary to many of the viewers believing that CGI was used in. this video, Eilish has previously spoken about the fact that she does all her own “stunts” and that no CGI was used in that video. Eilish spoke to CR Fashion Book in 2018 about the inspiration behind the vertical music video: “We found this woman, Diana, who was a spider wrangler. We talked forever. She showed me how she puts the spider in her mouth, and then I did it. Spiders on my face and hair. It was crazy. I loved it. I would have never thought in my life that I would have done that.” The vertical video has over 127 million views.

The official music video for the track was released on YouTube on the 17th April 2019, and was directed by Japanese artist and animator Takashi Murakami. It took a total of 8 months to create, and features animations of Eilish done in an anime style. The music video beings with Eilish as herself, eventually morphing into a terrifying monster that devours everything in its path. As of August 2019, the video has over 1.7 million likes and over 42 million views.

Release Date: 18th July 2018

Songwriter/s: Billie Eilish O’Connell, Finneas O’Connell

Producer/s: Finneas O’Connell

Label/s: Darkroom Records, Interscope Records

Music Video Release Date: 17th April 2019

Music Video Director: Takashi Murakami

Music Video Animator: Takashi Murakami

Chart Rankings & Certifications: “you should see me in a crown” charted in multiple countries such as Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Australia, Canada, Hungary and many others. The track is certified Platinum in Australia, 2x Platinum in Canada and Silver in the UK.

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