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Blank Space

Taylor Swift

Album 1989

 Story of Song

When the media started writing about Taylor’s personal life and how emotional she is when it gets to dating and writing songs, Taylor then decided to write a song (which she thought is a joke) about how the media  portrays how she conducts her romantic life. Taylor said: “Blank Space is of the only songs that I’ve ever written that I started out writing as a complete joke… I think as a songwriter you have to be pretty aware of who you are as a person, but then I think you also have to have one eye on what people think of you, kind of what the general perception is of you out in the world.. and in the last couple of years I’ve noticed there’s been sort of a pretty sensational fictionalization of my personal life…  you know, they kind of drawn this profile of this girl who’s a serial dater jet setting around with all her boyfriends and then.. you know, she can get’em but she can’t keep ’em coz she’s too emotional and she’s needy, then she gets her heart broken coz they leave and she’s jilted so she goes to her evil layer and write songs about it for revenge. It’s just kind of this very complex profile of a person. Then I got to thinking about it… and I started to think about how interesting that character is if she were a real person and had all these qualities and attributes what song would she write and… em, I’m pretty sure it would sound a little like this”.

Taylor says that some guys with ‘new money’ think the way to impress a girl is by having nice things, so she used this song to illustrate her thoughts about love. Taylor then told a story about how she went on a date with a guy who had those nice things but was clueless on how to treat a lady, she then kept asking herself ‘am I really on a date?’ She mentioned that experience in the lyric  ‘love’s a game. Want to play?’ and ‘Boys only want love if it’s torture”.

Taylor penned Blank Space with producers Max Martin and Shellback.

Release date

Blank Space was released November 10, 2014


Taylor Swift – Max Martin – Shellback


Big Machine – Republic

Chart Rankings

US – 1

UK – 4


Blank Space made Taylor the first ever female in the chart’s history to succeed herself at number 1 in the charts, where it remained for seven consecutive weeks, setting a record for the longest period ever held by a female artist for the top spot at the US Hot 100. She also won the Best Lyrics honors at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards for Blank Space. The song sold 328 thousand copies in its third week and 3.980 million by mid 2015, and it is the second song for Swift to reach number 1 on the Hot Digital Songs from the same album replacing (Shake it Off). In the UK the song peaked at number 4 and stayed in the top 10 for ten weeks selling over 600.000 copies by mid 2015.

 Artist’s age on release date

Taylor Swift was 25 years old when she released the album “1989”.

Cover Versions

Blank Space parodies were done by I prevail and Bart Baker.


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    David C. Adamson

    January 15, 2019 at 9:02 pm

    People grow up listening to music and also grow emotionally by the way they relate musical influence on their lives. I like to use lines from songs as ice-breakers or to ease the mood and make someone smile. I checked this out because the song has a line “ I can make the bad guys good for a weekend “, puts a smile on my face every time I listen to it.


    May 8, 2021 at 12:44 pm

    This song always makes me laugh, cause so many people just don’t get it. It’s funny, really.

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