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Doja Cat

Album Hot Pink

Streets” is the iconic 2019 track from American singer, songwriter and rapper Doja Cat, and is the ninth track from the musician’s second studio album “Hot Pink”, released in November 2019 by Kemosabe and RCA Records.

Streets” is an R&B song that interpolates the iconic 2003 song “Streets Is Callin‘” by R&B band B2K, and most likely the inspiration for the song’s title. The track’s slow and sensual sound provides a solid base for the themes of the song: sexual desire with a new love interest, past relationship regret and emotional vulnerability. In mid 2021, the song became viral on TikTok; a remix of the track featuring Paul Anka’s 1959 hit “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” sampled in the intro, a remix created by Silhouette. The remix was used mainly for the #SilhouetteChallenge, where users would show their silhouettes and bodies off to viewers – Doja Cat even took part in the challenge. Speaking to MTV News in September 2021 about the song’s success, Doja Cat admitted she was shocked to see how the song became viral:

I did not see it coming, and that was my favorite song on the album. […] And I understand if that’s like a favorite for everybody else, ‘cause I’m very proud of that song. I was so happy to find that out and just have someone be able to have Christian Breslauer come in and do that video because it needed it. It needed a video and I was just so proud of it. And he killed it too, and I’m… yeah, I’m just happy it had its moment.

Doja Cat, MTV News (2021)

“Streets” has received worldwide certifications, with the track being certified 2x Platinum in Australia, Platinum in New Zealand, Poland and Portugal; Gold in Switzerland, Greece and the U.K. The track has also received Diamond certification in Brazil.

The music video for “Streets” was directed by director Christian Breslauer and was filmed in LA in mid-February 2021. The video shows Doja Cat distracting a taxi driver while she poses as a mannequin in a window. Later, Doja Cat has morphed into a spider like being, with the taxi driver stuck in her web. The video ends with the taxi driver in his car, coming out of what seemed like a dream like state, stuck in traffic like at the beginning of the video. The video features the TikTok version of the song as well as Doja Cat performing the challenge within the video. The video was uploaded to Doja Cat’s YouTube channel on the 9th March 2021. As of late October 2021, the video has over 118.3 million likes.

Read the lyrics to “Streets” here.

*All information accurate at the time of publishing.

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Release Date

7th November 2019


Demarie Sheki, Christopher Jeffreis, Ron "NEFF-U" Feemster, Lydia Asrat, Dominique Logan, Yeti Beats, Darius Logan & Doja Cat


Blaq Tuxedo


Kemosabe & RCA

Chart Rankings

- #12 in Australia - #54 in Austria - #24 in Belgium - #19 in Canada - #50 in the Czech Republic - #105 in France - #99 in Germany - #8 on the Billboard Global 200 - #2 in Greece - #26 & #37 in Hungary - #23 in Iceland - #9 in Ireland - #4 in Lithuania - #81 in the Netherlands - #10 in New Zealand - #13 in Slovakia - #71 in Sweden - #27 in Switzerland - #12 in the UK - #4 on the UK R&B - #16 on the US Billboard Hot 100 - #7 on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs - #31 on the US Billboard Rhythmic - #3 on the US Rolling Stone Top 100

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