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Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Gideon

Justin Bieber

Album Justice

“Peaches” is the fifth single from Justin Bieber’s sixth studio album “Justice”, which azs released on the 19th March 2021 through Def Jam records. The relaxed R&B track features vocals from singer-songwriter Daniel Caesar and singer-songwriter Giveon. The twelfth track on the album, “Peaches” was written by : Justin Bieber, Ashton Simmonds, Giveon Evans, Andrew Watt, Louis Bell, Bernard “Harv” Harvey and Luis Martinez Jr., and produced by Harv Shndo.

“Peaches” is a pop R&B summer track where Bieber shoutouts various regions of the US for his favourite things, such as peaches from Georgia (where the song’s title comes from) and marijuana from California. Music critics had dubbed the song “colourful” and “sun-dappled”, making it a solid favourite for the upcoming hot months.

The music video for “Peaches” was uploaded to Justin Bieber’s YouTube channel on the 19th March 2021. The Colin Tilley directed video shows Bieber, Caesar and Gideon driving down the Las Vega strip. In less than a month, the video has over 71.5 million views and over 2.3 million likes.

Release Date: 19th March 2021

Songwriter/s: Justin Bieber, Ashton Simmonds, Giveon Evans, Andrew Watt, Louis Bell, Bernard “Harv” Harvey & Luis Martinez Jr.

Producer/s: Harv & Shndo

Label: Def Jam

Music Video Release Date: 19th March 2021

Music Video Director: Colin Tilley

Chart Rankings: Since its release, “Peaches” has charted at:

– #77 in Argentina
– #2 in Australia
– #3 in Austria
– #30 in Belgium
– #1, #42 & #46 in Canada
– #4 in the Czech Republic
– #1 in Denmark
– #6 in Finland
– #46 in France
– #5 in Germany
– #1 on the Billboard Global 200
– #4 & #11 in Hungary
– #1 in Ireland
– #13 in Italy
– #5 in Lithuania
– #1 & #25 on various charts in the Netherlands
– #1 in New Zealand
– #1 in Norway
– #1 in Portugal
– #2 in Singapore
– #1 in Slovakia
– #65 in South Korea
– #24 in Spain
– #4 in Sweden
– #2 in Switzerland
– #3 in the UK Singles chart
– #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100
– #1 on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs
– #30 on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40
– #21 on the US Billboard Rhythmic chart

The lyrics to “Peaches” can be found here: LINK

Listen to “Peaches” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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