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Hold On

Justin Bieber

Album Justice

“Hold On” is the ninth track from Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber and his sixth studio album “Justice”, which was released in March 2021 via Def Jam. “Hold On” was the fourth single and was written by Bieber, Jon Bellion, Ali Tamposi, Andrew Wotman, Louis Bell, Walter De Backer and Luiz Bonfa, with production by Wotman and Bell.

“Hold On” is a synth-pop song that focuses on feelings of hopelessness and toxic cycles, but also positivity that lies within hope. Speaking to NME Magazine, Bieber described the song as: “… a hopeful record of just holding on, because a lot of us want to give up at times. There’s a lot to look forward to. There’s a lot we can’t control sometimes, but there’s always hope.”

The music video was directed by Colin Tilley and was uploaded to Bieber’s YouTube on the 5th March 2021, The beginning of the video shows Bieber being chased by police, and then the audience are then given the backstory, with Bieber stealing from a bank in order to not lose his home or partner, who is also suffering with a terminal illness that they cannot afford to pay for. As of early May 2021, the video has over 43.7 million views and 1.5 million likes.

Release Date: 5th March 2021

Songwriter/s: Justin Bieber, Jon Bellion, Ali Tamposi, Andrew Wotman, Louis Bell, Walter De Backer & Luiz Bonfa

Producer/s: Andrew Watt & Louis Bell

Label: Def Jam

Music Video Release Date: 5th March 2021

Music Video Director: Colin Tilley

Chart Rankings & Certifications: After its release, “Hold On” charted the following peak positions in various locations:

– #74 in Argentina
– #6 in Australia
– #13 in Austria
– #9 in Belgium
– #4, #49, #15 & #35 on various charts in Canada
– #13 in the Czech Republic
– #2 in Denmark
– #100 in France
– #18 in Germany
– #4 on the US Billboard Global 200
– #15 and #16 on different charts in Hungary
– #8 in Ireland
– #68 in Japan
– #20 in Lithuania
– #6 in Malaysia
– #6 & #9 in the Netherlands
– #7 in New Zealand
– #7 in Norway
– #28 in Portugal
– #6 in Singapore
– #4 & #37 in Slovakia
– #133 in South Korea
– #79 in Spain
– #14 in Sweden
– #16 in Switzerland
– #10 in the UK
– #20 on the US Billboard Hot 100
– #40 on the US Billboard Adult Top 40
– #25 on the US Billboard US Mainstream Top 40

“Hold On” is certified Gold in Australia.

The lyrics to “Hold On” can be viewed here.

Listen to “Hold On” on Apple Music.

Listen to “Hold On” on Spotify.

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    December 31, 2021 at 8:52 am

    i think the song hold on is obviously for Justin bieber’s first love who is Selena Gomez
    they have been on and of for almost a decade in their relationship and for them ending their relationship history was hard .BUT my question to bieber is why did he move on that fast and get married that fast after his breakup with Selena

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