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Get Me (feat. Kehlani)

Justin Bieber

Album Changes

“Get Me” is the second single from Justin Bieber’s highly anticipated fifth studio album “Changes”, which is due to be released this Friday – the 14th February 2020. The track features R&B singer Kehlani.

“Get Me” is a slow R&B love ballad, written by Kehlani and Bieber as well as five other writers. “Get Me” is a track about a significant other understanding their other half completely, and the connection that two people share.

There is currently no official music video for “Get Me”, but the official audio upload on YouTube has 5.8 million views since its upload on the 28th January 2020.

Release Date: 28th January 2020

Songwriter/s: Justin Bieber, Kehlani Parrish, Anderson Hernandez, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, Jun Ha Kim & Matthew Jehu Samuels

Producer/s: Boi-1da, CVRE, Jahaan Sweet, Poo Bear & Vinylz

Label: Def Jam

Chart Rankings: “Get Me” featuring Kehlani hit the following peak positions across the global charts: #61 in Australia, #48 in Canada, #58 in Ireland, #75 in the Netherlands, #4 in New Zealand, #78 in Slovakia, #80 in Sweden, #88 in Switzerland, #61 in the UK, and #93 on the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as #65 on the US Rolling Stone Top 100 chart.

The lyrics to “Get Me” can be accessed here: LINK

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