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All That Matters

Justin Bieber

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This beautiful R&B track is about feeling complete just by falling in love. Bieber explained the meaning of the song, he said: “The lyrics of this song are pretty self explanatory, when you fall in love with someone, that someone can make you feel whole. I feel like anyone who has been in love knows what I mean. The song conveys that being in love is one of the greatest feelings on earth. Love is all that matters. But the void you feel when love goes away is gut-wrenching. I worked so hard on this song in the studio trying to put that feeling into music was extremely important to me. I’m happy to share it with you.” In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Bieber’s manager Scooter explained how positive the feedback was on this track, he said: “He’s so incredibly grateful to see the reaction from people to this music. ‘All That Matters’ is a very important song to him on a personal level, and to see people react to it like this to have producers like Benny Blanco call me and say, ‘I think this is one of the best songs, if not the best song, he’s ever written’ that means a tremendous amount to him.”

Release Date: October 14, 2013

Songwriter/s: Justin Bieber – Andre Harris – Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd – Donovan Knight

Label: Island – RBMG – Schoolboy

Chart Rankings: In the US, the song peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached number 20 on the UK Singles Charts. In Europe, it was number 34 in Austria, number 19 in Belgium, number 40 in France, 46 in Germany and number 11 in Netherlands. In Australia it peaked at number 41.

Artist’s age on Release Date: Justin Drew Bieber was 19 years old when he released this song.

Cover Versions: Rajiv Dhall & TwentyForSeven – Derran Day – Tone Stith – VedoThe Singer – Alessia Cara – 12Till – Johnny Orlando – Vautier Twins featuring Lauren Corrigan – SoMo – Kieran Alleyne –– The Lionyls – Will Gittens – Other Youtubers covered this song.

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