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“motive” is the third track on American singer and songwriter Ariana Grande’s sixth album “positions”, which was released on the 30th October 2020. The track also features American rapper Doja Cat, and marks the first collaboration between the two singers. “motive” is a dance-pop track written by Ariana Grande, Amala Zandile Dlamini (Doja Cat), Victoria Monét, Nija Charles, Tommy Brown, Shane Lindstrom, Steven Franks and Jeremy McIntyre; with production done by Brown and Murda Beatz. As the title would suggest, the song is about Grande asking her lover for their true motives for being with her.

“motive” was first teased by Grande in an interview back in May 2020, talking to Billboard, explaining that she had started working on a song titled “Motivate” with Doja Cat at the end of 2019:

“I remember when I first wrote it and sent it to her, she was in the shower and she was like, ‘B**h, I love this. I’m in the shower.’ And I was like, ‘Shower. Okay, there’s no rush. I’m not putting out a project anytime soon, whatever. You can call me back.’ She was like, ‘I’m doing it right now.'” Doja Cat video called her the next morning to discuss the track.

Grande also spoke to Zane Lowe from Apple Music in the same month, expanding on writing and working with Doja Cat:

“She had a whole verse done, everything was done. […] She was like, “How many bars can I take? Because this is mad inspiring and I want to just go.” And I was like, “Take as many bars as you want. Do it. If you’re inspired to say stuff, let’s go.” And so she just goes off on it, and it’s so much fun, and I love it. It’s my favorite so far.”

There is currently no music video for “motive”, however the official audio on Ariana Grande’s YouTube channel has 9.1 million views and over 354 thousand likes.

Release Date: 30th October 2020

Songwriter/s: Ariana Grande, Amala Zandile Dlamini, Victoria Monét, Nija Charles, Tommy Brown, Shane Lindstrom, Steven Franks & Jeremy McIntyre

Producer/s: Murda Beatz & Tommy Brown

Label: Republic

Chart Rankings: Since it was released, “motive” has reached the following chart positions:

– #19 in Australia
– #62 in Austria
– #25 in Canada
– #128 in France
– #16 on the Billboard Global 200
– #37 in Greece
– #13 in Ireland
– #21 in Lithuania
– #29 in New Zealand
– #28 in Portugal
– #22 in Singapore
– #84 in Sweden
– #63 in Switzerland
– #16 in the UK Singles Chart
– #77 on the UK Download Chart
– #32 on the US Billboard Hot 100
– #US Rolling Stone Top 100

The lyrics to “motive” can be accessed here:

Find the lyrics to “motive” here: LINK

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