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Justin Bieber

Album Purpose

Story of Song

Bieber has realized that he’s a role model for children. In an interview with Jeff Cornell from, Skrillex, co-writer, shared the story behind the song, saying: “The original version of ‘Children’ was written like a typical EDM song at the writing session we did. It almost sounded like something that Swedish House Mafia could’ve produced a couple of years ago. I don’t mean that in a negative way. It was major sounding too, so I reproduced it to be minor sounding and emotional. It’s a very simple message Justin is conveying through that song. I can’t speak for him, but I think he’s starting to grapple with the fact he’s a role model for a generation.” The song has a social consciousness message focused on paying more attention to the children of this world.

Release date

Released on November 13, 2015


Justin Bieber – Boyd Skrillex – Moore – Brandon Green – Nico Hartikainen


Def Jam – Schoolboy

Chart Rankings

US – 74

UK – 44

“Children” peaked at number 74 in the US and number 44 in the UK. The album Purpose topped the charts in 12 countries including the US. It was certified platinum in the US for sales over 1.5 million copies and double platinum in the UK. It was also certified triple platinum in Brazil and Canada, and double platinum in Australia, Denmark, Mexico, Sweden, and the UK.

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