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bad idea right?

Olivia Rodrigo

Album bad idea right? (single)

“bad idea right?” is the second single from American singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo and her upcoming second studio album “GUTS”, which is due to be released in September 2023. “bad idea right” was released on the 11th August 2023 through Geffen Records.

The pop-punk song is remensicent sonically of some Rodrigo’s previous tracks from her debut 2021 album “SOUR”, such as “brutal” and “good 4 u”.

Lyrically, the song is essentially a play by play of a Rodrigo talking to herself about avoiding an ex-boyfriend, specially one who has texted her while she is out at a party with her friends. The song feels extremely intimate and personal – almost like a tipsy friend calling you in the middle of a Saturday night to ask your opinion on visiting an awful ex-partner.

In a press release for “bad idea right?” Rodrigo revealed her inspiration for the song:

“‘bad idea right?’ started with us making a joke song about me hooking up with an ex-boyfriend, but then we realized we were actually onto something.
We were throwing the weirdest things at the wall — in one of choruses there’s a part that sounds like an instrument in the background, but it’s me gradually screaming louder and louder.” 

The music video for the song was directed by Petra Collins, where Rodrigo is seen starting the night at a party and eventually making her way to her ex’s bedroom. In 7 days, the video had over 8 million views.

Read the lyrics to “bad idea right?” here.

*All information accurate at the time of publishing (18th August 2023).

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Release Date

11th August 2023


Daniel Nigro & Olivia Rodrigo


Daniel Nigro


Geffen Records

Chart Rankings

In its week of release, "bad idea right?" charted at: - #10 in Australia - #68 in Lithuania - #130 & #199 on various charts in South Korea. *All chart rankings accurate at the time of publishing (18th August 2023).

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