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*The copyright for the cover art for the album “GUTS” by the artist Olivia Rodrigo is believed to belong to the label Geffen Records, or the graphic artist(s).


Olivia Rodrigo

Album GUTS

“lacy” is the fourth track from American singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo’s 2023 album “GUTS”.

The folk-pop song sees Rodrigo blur the line between queer lust and female envy. “lacy” is Rodrigo’s vulnerable track where she openly states her obsession and hatred for a woman named Lacy, where she is unable to think about anything else but Lacy and how perfect she is.

Speaking to Wired magazine in September 2023, Rodrigo revealed that she wrote the lyrics for “lacy” in a college poetry class:

“I took a poetry class, so that was really fun. We actually turned one of the songs that I wrote in the poetry class — the poem was called “lacy,” we turned it into a song on the album called “lacy,” so it was quite fruitful.” 

Read the lyrics to “lacy” here. 

*All information accurate at the time of publishing (22nd March 2024).

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Release Date

8th September 2023


Daniel Nigro & Olivia Rodrigo


Daniel Nigro


Geffen Records

Chart Rankings

In 2023, "lacy" reached the following peak chart positions: - #25 in Australia - #24 in Canada - #20 on the Billboard Global 200 - #65 in Greece - #18 in Ireland - #16 in New Zealand - #52 in Portugal - #24 & #26 on various charts in the UK - #23 on the US Billboard Hot 100 *All chart information accurate at the time of publishing.

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