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Watermelon Sugar

Harry Styles

Album Fine Line

“Watermelon Sugar” is the second single room indie-pop singer Harry Styles and his upcoming album “Fine Line”, which is due to be released later next month.

“Watermelon Sugar” was written by Styles, Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson and Mitch Rowland, with Harpoon and Johnson also in charge of production for the track. “Watermelon Sugar” consists of Styles recalling a previous summer and a lover, thinking about berries. The track was released with no warning to the fans, as well as performing the track live on SNL that same night, as a part of his hosting debut. The track was initially teased by Styles in October, with the musician tweeting: “Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run.”, which is a reference to a song from his previous album titled “Kiwi. Styles also performed “Watermelon Sugar” live on BBC Two’s “Later… With Jools Holland” on the 21st November 2019.

There is currently no official music video for “Watermelon Sugar”, but the audio upload on Styles’ YouTube channel has over 6.6 million views and over 537,000 likes in under one week.

Release Date: 16th November

Songwriter/s: Tyler Johnson, Kid Harpoon, Mitch Rowland & Harry Styles

Producer/s: Tyler Johnson & Kid Harpoon (Tom Hull)

Label/s: Columbia Records & Erksine Records

Chart Rankings: “Watermelon Sugar” peaked at #9 on the British iTunes chart a day after its release. On Spotify, the track has over 21 million plays and counting.

The lyrics to “Watermelon Sugar” can be accessed here: LINK

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