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Canyon Moon

Harry Styles

Album Fine Line

“Canyon Moon” is the tenth track from British musician Harry Styles and his second solo album, “Fine Line”, which was released on the 13th December 2019 and received mainly good reviews from critics, however the album was met with criticisms of it being “more imitative then original”, according to Mark Richardson from The Wall Street Journal.

“Canyon Moon” was written by Styles, Thomas Hull and Mitch Rowland, with production done by Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon, who produced all 12 tracks on the “Fine Line” album. “Canyon Moon” takes a very different stance musically, in comparison to the rest of the album, leaning more towards the folk genre than indie or pop. The track is a bittersweet song about yearning to go back to the past. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Styles said that the track was infamous musician Stevie Nicks’ favourite song on his album.

There is currently no music video for the track, but the official audio upload on Harry Styles’ YouTube channel has 1.3 million views, while the track has 18.6 million plays on Spotify.

Release Date: 13th December 2019

Songwriter/s: Harry Styles, Thomas Hull & Mitch Rowland

Producer/s: Tyler Johnson & Kid Harpoon

Label/s: Columbia / Erksine

Chart Rankings: Sadly, the track failed to chart in any country, however the album as a whole, charted highly on many album charts across the globe.

The lyrics to “Canyon Moon” can be viewed here: LINK

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