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“People” is the lead single off of British pop rock band The 1975’s upcoming album, “Notes on a Conditional Form”, which is due to be released later this year.

In an interview with NME magazine, Matt Healy spoke about the songwriting process for the track: “I wrote ‘People’ on my tour bus in Texas on the day the abortion bill was circulating in Alabama. After playing our show there in Alabama, we were advised to leave quickly due to Alabama being an Open Carry state [ie, one where citizens may carry guns in public]. So we did, and we soon stopped in a truck stop in Texas. I bought some Cheetos that were next to a collection of knives for incels and various bumper stickers encouraging women to give oral sex to truck drivers as some kind of trade for the privilege of being in the truck and in the presence of such a great man. I was pretty pissed off. I am pretty pissed off. God bless.” The song is essentially a call for help for people to act against globl issues, such as politics, global warming and the generation gap.

The music video was directed by Matt Healy, Warren Fu and Ben Ditto. It features the band performing in a strobe-lit room and glitching lights, as well as the occasional visual that reflects social media, catastrophic news and memes. Since its release on the 22nd August 2019, the video has over 2.3 million views (as of September 2019).

The lyrics to “People” can be accessed here.

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Release Date

22nd August 2019


Adam Hann, George Daniel, Ross MacDonald & Matty Healy


George Daniel & Matty Healy


Dirty Hit / Polydor

Chart Rankings

“People” ranked at #68 in Ireland, #36 in New Zealand, #59 in Scotland, #54 in the UK, and #15 and #35 in the US.

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