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Me & You Together Song

The 1975

Album Notes on a Conditional Form

“Me & You Together Song” is the third single from British pop-rock band The 1975, and their upcoming fourth studio album “Notes on a Conditional Form”, which is due to be released later this year.

As with all songs released by The 1975, “Me & You Together Song” was written by all members of the band, with lead vocalist Matt Healy and band member George Daniel also producing he track. The song is a romantic ode to a lifelong friend that Healy is infatuated with, but does not feel the same way about him. Healy reminisces on memories they have together viewing more romantically than platonically. The song has received positive reactions from fans and critics alike, with Michael Marotta from “Vanyaland” stating that the song “steers the British band into jangle-pop and modern rock territory with absolutely dazzling results”.

The music video was released on the 6th February 2020, and was directed by Bedroom. It takes on the feel of a late 1990s rom-com film, showing teenagers at a party smoking, drinking and kissing, as well as shots of The 1975 singing the track. The video ends with the cameras zooming out, showing the whole cast and crew dancing along. In almost a week, the video has over 950 thousand views and 88 thousand likes.

The lyrics to “Me & You Together Song” can be viewed here: LINK

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Release Date

16th January 2020


Songwriter/s: Adam Hann, George Daniel, Ross MacDonald & Matty Healy


George Daniel & Matty Healy


Dirty Hit & Polydor

Chart Rankings

“Me & You Together Song” hit peak chart positions of #46 in Ireland, #21 in New Zealand, #30 in Scotland, #35 in the UK and #5 on the US Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart.

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