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The 1975

Album The 1975

“Chocolate” is the fourth track off of British indie-rock band The 1975’s self-titled 2013 album. Written by all band members, the song narrates the band’s teen years growing up in a small town and experiencing life.

“Chocolate” is used as a euphemism for cannabis in the song: “And my car smells like chocolate”, as well as the line: “Now you’re never gunna quit it / If you don’t stop smoking it / That’s what she said”. Matthew Healy, lead vocalist of the band and one of the songwriters, told that the song was: “a love letter to the authority figures in our town – you know about small town boredom, both by the kids and by the police”. However the line “with guns hidden under our petticoats” caused some concern to listeners, and Healy spoke to music website Genius and explained in a video how the line was supposed to be a “metaphor for authority figures in our town… petticoats are kind of synonymous with the upper middle class. So “guns hidden under out petticoats” is a metaphor for the way the police see the middle class youth in our town. A bit overbearing because they were a bit bored. So we got treated like.. I don’t know, silly? Like thugs.”

The music video was released on the 28th August 2013, directed by Gareth Philips. It features the band in a 1975 Ford Consul car. The band are driving around the east London area Limehouse. There is also a scene of Healy and young woman kissing and cradling each other. The music video has almost 30 million views and over 218 thousand likes since its YouTube upload.

Release Date: 20th February 2013

Songwriter/s: Matthew Healy, George Daniel, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald

Producer/s: The 1975 / Mike Crossley

Label/s: Dirty Hit / Vagrant / Interscope

Music Video Release Date: 28th August 2013

Music Video Director: Gareth Philips

Chart Rankings & Certifications: “Chocolate” reached #2 in the UK Indie Official charts, and #19 in the UK Singles chart. It also made its way to the US charts, Scotland, Japan, Ireland, Belgium and Canada.

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