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Album Love Yourself: Tear

“FAKE LOVE” was released as the third single from South Korean band BTS and their third album “Love Yourself: Tear” which was released in 2018. “FAKE LOVE” is written by “Hitman” Bang, Pdogg and RM, with RM producing the track. The song was released through three separate labels; the Korean version via Bight Hit and Columbia, while the Japanese version was released through Universal Japan.

“FAKE LOVE” is an electro-pop track that discusses a love that was deemed to be pure and to be fate, however in the end it turned out to be fake. The head of the group RM spoke about “Fake Love” in a V Live broadcast, and explained how it was the most difficult to create that song: “to adjust to voice range of our vocalists, we change the pitch in the end so rappers often have difficulty adjusting to that. (In case of this song), it went up by 6 1/2 pitches as far as I know. Six and half — that makes a totally different song! We adjusted to that pitch and added the guitar sound and there came the ‘Fake Love’ we listen to now.”

The music video for “FAKE LOVE” was directed by YongSeok Choi and was uploaded to YouTube in May 2018. The official music video shows BTS performing a choreographed dance in different locations, such as painted rooms, rooms with no light and eventually a room that floods with water. As of mid-October 2020, the video has 790.8 million views and 13 million likes.

Music Video Release Date: 18th May 2018

Music Video Director: YongSeok Choi

Chart Rankings, Certifications and Awards:
After its release, “FAKE LOVE” charted globally, reaching:
– #48 in Argentina
– #36 in Australia
– #22 in Austria
– #34 in Belgium
– #22 in Canada
– #43 in Czech Republic
– #6 in Estonia
– #116 in France
– #1 in Finland
– #56 in Germany
– #1 and #13 in Hungary
– #67 in Ireland
– #5 in Japan,
– #1 in Malaysia
– #18 and #1 on various charts in Mexico
– #35 in New Zealand
– #40 in Russia
– #36 in Scotland
– #1 in Singapore
– #30 in Slovakia
– #9 in South Africa
– #1 in South Korea
– #86 in Spain
– #2 and #54 on different charts in Sweden
#41 in Switzerland
– #3 and #42 in the UK
– #10, #1 and #34 on various US Billboard charts.

“FAKE LOVE” is certified Gold in Australia and the US, Silver in Japan, Platinum in South Korea and 2x Platinum in Japan.

In 2018, “FAKE LOVE” won 6 awards in 2018: the “Mwave Global Fan Choice”, “Best Choreographer of the Year” and “Best Art Director of the Year” all at the Mnet Asian Awards; and “Best Rap/Hip Hop” award at the Melon Music Awards, “Best Group Video – International” at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan and “Music Video Of The Year” at the Soompi Awards. In 2019, the song won four more awards: “Digital Bonsang” at the Golden Disc Awards, “Song of the Year” and “Best Pop Song” at the Korean Music Awards and “Favourite International Video” at the Myx Music Awards.

The lyrics to “BTS” can be accessed to here: LINK

BTS Spotify: LINK

BTS Apple Music: LINK

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