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Taylor Swift

Album evermore

“closure” is the fourteenth and second to last track on Taylor Swift’s latest studio album “evermore”, which was released this month on the 11th December. “closure” is a industrial-folk song written by Swift and Aaron Dessner, with production done by Dessner, BJ Burton and James McAlister. The song is a very different and jarring sound for Swift, and very unlike any other song from her.

“closure” acts as a goodbye song for a previous lover that is still hung up on Swift, sending her letters and how Swift no longer wants to fake being nice. Speaking to Rolling Stone about the album and its creation, Aaron Dessner revealed that Justin Vernon from Bon Iver worked on the song, and the use of a vocal modifier named “Messina”:

“I went to see Justin at one point — that’s the one trip I’ve made — and we worked together at his place on stuff. He plays the drums on “Cowboy Like Me” and “Closure,” and he plays guitar and banjo and sings on “Ivy,” and sings on “Marjorie” and “Evermore.” And then we processed Taylor’s vocals through his Messina chain together. He was really deeply involved in this record, even more so than the last record. He’s always been such a huge help to me, and not just by getting him to play stuff or sing stuff — I can also send him things and get his feedback. We’ve done a ton of work together, but we have different perspectives and different harmonic brains. He obviously has his own studio set up at home, but it was nice to be able to see him and work on this stuff.”

There is currently no music video for “closure”, however the official lyric video is available on Swift’s YouTube channel, and currently has 1.6 million views and over 95 thousand likes.

Release Date: 11th December 2020

Songwriter/s: Aaron Dessner & Taylor Swift

Producer/s: Aaron Dessner, BJ Burton & James McAlister

Label: Republic

Chart Rankings: “closure” has not managed to secure a place in the mainstream charts. On Spotify, the song has 12.8 million streams worldwide.

The lyrics to “closure” can be read here: LINK

Find “closure” on Spotify: LINK

Find “closure” on Apple Music: LINK

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