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Harry Styles

Album Fine Line

“Cherry” is the fifth track from the highly anticipated second solo album “Fine Line”, from young and well-known musician Harry Styles.

“Cherry” is Styles’ most vulnerable and open track yet – detailing a break-up that deeply affected him. The said break-up with Camille Rowe, a French-American model. In a in-depth November 2019 interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Styles’ explained the process behind creating “Cherry”: “I wanted to be true to [the breakup]. I wanted it to be true to how I was feeling then, in that moment. It was all part of being more open and not like, ‘I don’t care.’ You get petty when something’s not going the way that you want, and ‘Cherry’ is pathetic in a way. The night that I wrote it, everyone had left the studio, it was me, Tyler and Sammy, who is our engineer. I was feeling a lot of pressure because the last record wasn’t a radio record. I felt a lot of pressure to be making these big songs. You know, I have all these ideas about records that I want to make, and ‘I wanna make this record in 5 years, and I wanna make this record in 10 years’… and Tyler just said to me, ‘You just have to make the record that you wanna make right now, that’s it.’ So then we stayed up and wrote “Cherry” that night.” The track also features a voice note from Camille Rowe herself, and Styles’ also explained the outro in an interview with “Rolling Stone”: “That’s just a voice note of my ex-girlfriend talking. I was playing guitar and she took a phone call—and she was actually speaking in the key of the song.”

There is currently no music video for the track, but the official audio on Harry Styles’ YouTube channel has over 1.8 million views and over 103 thousand likes since its release.

Release Date: 13th December 2019

Songwriter/s: Jeff Bhasker, Kid Harpoon, Sammy Witte, Tyler Johnson & Harry Styles

Producer/s: Sammy Witte, Jeff Bhasker, Kid Harpoon & Tyler Johnson

Label/s: Erksine / Columbia

Chart Rankings: There are currently no chart rankings for “Cherry”, however the track has surpassed 10 million streams on Spotify alone – in less than a week.

The lyrics to “Cherry” can be viewed here: LINK

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