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Save Your Tears

The Weeknd

Album After Hours

“Save Your Tears” is the eleventh track from Canadian singer The Weeknd and his fourth studio album “After Hours”, which was released through XO and Republic Records in March 2020. The synthpop track was written by The Weeknd, Ahmad Balshe (Belly), Jason Quenneville, Max Martin and Oscar Holter, with Martin, Holter and The Weeknd producing the song.

“Save Your Tears” is a 80’s inspired synth heavy track where the listeners see The Weeknd recollect his past relationships and reflect on them, as well as providing emotional support for his ex. The track was met with critical claim, with many writers from Slant, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times praising the track for its sound and raw lyrics.

The music video for “Save Your Tears” was directed by Cliqua and is a very dark video interpretation of the song. The Weeknd is shown with a prosthetic face, playing and singing live at a bar where the audience are all wearing masks besides one woman. The Weeknd leads the mask less woman to the stage to dance, leading to The Weeknd almost forcing the woman to shoot him, ending with him finishing the track while confetti falls over him and the audience. Since its upload to YouTube on the 5th January 2021, the video has over 312.7 million views and 3.5 million likes.

Release Date: 9th August 2020

Songwriter/s: The Weeknd, Ahmad Balshe (Belly), Jason Quenneville, Max Martin & Oscar Holter

Producer/s: Max Martin, Oscar Holter & The Weeknd

Label/s: XO & Republic

Music Video Release Date: 5th January 2021

Music Video Director: Cliqua

Chart Rankings & Certifications: After its release, “Save Your Tears” charted at:

– #14 in Argentina
– #4 in Australia
– #4 in Austria
– #1 on various charts in Belgium
– #8 & #91 on various charts in Brazil
– #1, #2 & #4 on different charts in Canada
– #3 on CIS
– #7 & #9 in the Czech Republic
– #1 in Denmark
– #7 in El Salvador
– #23 in Estonia
– #3 in Finland
– #13 in France
– #5 in Germany
– #2 on the Billboard Global 200
– #5 in Greece
– #3, #4 & #7 in Hungary
– #2 in Ireland
– #1 in Israel
– #4 in Italy
– #1 in Lithuania
– #4 in Malaysia
– #15 & #16 on various charts in the Netherlands
– #20 in New Zealand
– #4 in Norway
– #1 in Poland
– #4 in Portugal
– #5 in Romania
– #6 in Russia
– #4 in Singapore
– #6 & #8 in Slovakia
– #1 in Slovenia
– #3 in Sweden
– #3 in Switzerland
– #11 in the UK
– #4 on the UK R&B chart
– #4 on the US Billboard Hot 100
– #14 on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary
– #2 on the US Billboard Adult Top 40
– #1 on the US Billboards Mainstream Top 40
– #6 on the US Billboard Rhythmic
– #1 on the US Rolling Stone Top 100

“Save Your Tears” is certified:

– Gold in Belgium, Denmark, New Zealand, Portugal, Greece & Spain
– Silver in the UK
– Platinum in Australia, Italy and the US

The lyrics to “Save Your Tears” can be found here

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