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Lady Gaga

Album Chromatica

“Replay” is the twelfth song from Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album “Chromatica”, which complies serious issues such as sexual assault, self-confidence, PTSD, mental health and depression with upbeat EDM, techno and house sounds. “Replay” was written by Gaga, Valerie Simpson, Nick Ashford, BloodPop and BURNS, with BURNS producing “Replay”.

“Replay” samples “It’s My House” from iconic singer Diana Ross in its background, combined with deep house elements, Gaga addresses her past, and more specifically her issues with herself in the past “the scars on my mind are on replay”. Speaking to Apple Music about the album as a whole, Gaga stated that Chromatica was her way of healing herself: “All that stuff that I went through, I don’t have to feel pain about it anymore. It can just be a part of me, and I can keep going.”

There is currently no music video for “Replay”, however the official audio video

Release Date: 29th May 2020

Songwriter/s: Valerie Simpson, Nick Ashford, BloodPop, BURNS & Lady Gaga

Producer: BURNS

Label: Interscope Records

Chart Rankings: “Replay” reached the peak chart position of #92 on the British iTunes chart on the day of “Chromatica” album release (29th May 2020).

The lyrics to “Replay” by Lady Gaga can be accessed here: LINK

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