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The inspiration for the lyrics came from the track “March Madness” for Atlanta rapper ‘Future’. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Sheeran said: “We were in Ibiza at James Blunt’s house and for some reason, there was a certain point in the night and people just put on house music. I just don’t like house music at all – at all! So I changed it to Future’s ‘March Madness’ and there were a bunch of 40 year old people like, ‘What are you doing? What is this?’ And then we had a dance.”
Sheeran wrote this song about his girlfriend and old school friend Cherry Seaborn, in an interview with BBC Radio 2 he said: “I just recorded it and sent it because she was living in New York at the time so I didn’t see her reaction. I think she liked it, it’s a good one.”
Sheeran wanted to write a song solo to beat ‘Thining out loud’ and make it the biggest song of is career. In an interview with Beat’s 1 he told Zane Lower: “I wanted to beat ‘Thinking Out Loud’ because I know that song was gonna define me and that was gonna be the song in fifty years like when you have one song like that you’re that artist but when you have two or three songs like that that’s when you start to be like Van Morrison.” In another interview with BBC he said: “I need to write the best love song of my career and I need to do it one hundred percent me so everyone will listen to it and be like ‘oh fuck, no, he actually can do it.”

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Songwriter/s: Ed Sheeran

Label: Asylum – Atlantic

Chart Rankings: In the UK, the song peaked at number 4 and was certified Silver by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). In the US, it reached number 37 on the Billboard Hot 100. In other countries around the world, ‘Perfect’ entered the charts at number 6 in Australia, number 14 in Canada, number 8 in Czech Republic, number 13 in Germany, 7 in Ireland, 8 in Netherlands, 7 in Scotland, 35 in Spain and peaked at number 7 in Switzerland.

Artist’s age on Release Date: Edward Christopher “Ed Sheeran” was 26 years old when he released this song.

Cover Versions: Amateur artists covered this song on Youtube such as Samantha Harvey – Tyler Ward — Hannah Trigwell – Hybrid Life – Emily James – Alexander Stewart – The Theorist and others.

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Perfect by Ed Sheeran

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