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First Times

Ed Sheeran

Album =

First Times” is the third track from British singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Ed Sheeran and his fifth studio album “=”, which was released through Asylum and Atlantic Records on the 29th October 2021.

First Times” sees Sheeran recount various experiences he has had for the first time. Sung over an acoustic guitar, Sheeran reminisces about playing at Wembley stadium for the first time, the first time he kissed his now wife and their first fight. Sheeran broke down the track for Apple Music, recounting the inspirations and how he was not entirely sober when recording the song:

“This is pretty much classic me format. And it has a funny story… […]. We were living in this house in Nashville, which had an amazing wine cellar, and all of my friends had these weed pens. We’d finish a day of sessions, have a load of wine, get on the weed pens, watch an Avengers movie and just smash Doritos. One night, Fred is like, ‘Hey, man, can you re-vocal this?’ And I could barely keep my eyes open. I was not a functioning human. I sung it once and that’s the version on the song, which is why it’s gentle and delicate. Because I was almost gone.”

Sheeran, Apple Music (2021)

There is currently no music video for “First Times“, however there is an official lyric video available that was uploaded to Sheeran’s YouTube video on the 29th October 2021, and as of the 18th November 2021 the video has over 2.2 million views and over 70 thousand likes.


Read the lyrics to “First Times” here. 

*All information accurate at the time of publishing. 

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Release Date

29th October 2021


Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid & Fred


Sheeran & Fred


Asylum & Atlantic

Chart Rankings

- #31 in Australia - #50 in Canada - #52 in the Czech Republic - #33 in Denmark - #126 in France - #48 on the Billboard Global 200 - #33 in Hungary - #27 in New Zealand - #129 in Portugal - #52 in Slovakia - #64 in South Africa - #52 in Sweden - #17 on the UK Streaming - #6 on the Billboard US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles

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