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Hundred Dollar Bill

Lana Del Rey

Album Hundred Dollar Bill (Unreleased)

“Hundred Dollar Bill” is an unreleased track from Lana Del Rey, and is believed to be an outtake from her 2012 album, “Born To Die”. The song is believed to have been recorded in 2009, and two versions of the song exist; with the original vrsion being produced by Jayson Michael and one by David Kahne.

“Hundred Dollar Bill” is a track about Lana Del Rey’s love of money and of rich men. Del Rey is known to play characters in her songs, with a young woman who goes after older men with a lot of money. “Hundred Dollar Bill” has been performed by Lana Del Rey earlier on in her music career, most notably in a club in New York.

There is no official music video for “Hundred Dollar Bill”, but user “Laito” appears to have reuploaded a homemade music video by Del Rey to YouTube. The video features clips of Lana Del Rey singing the song with a baseball cap on to her computer, followed with shots supermodels, exotic dancers and beaches. As of February 2020, the video has over 105 hundred views since its upload in January 2014.

Release Date: December 2011

Songwriter: Lana Del Rey

Producer: Jayson Michael

Alternate Producer/s: David Kahne

Label: n/a

Chart Rankings: n/a

The lyrics to “Hundred Dollar Bill” can be accessed here: LINK

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