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We Can’t Stop

Miley Cyrus

Album Bangerz

Story of Song

The song “We Can’t Stop” was inspired by an actual party and it represents a moment in time in Miley Cyrus’s life.  It brought a lot of controversy regarding the line “dancing with Miley.” Although Miley originally insisted that the line was indeed “dancing with Miley,” and it just sounded like something else because she has an accent, she went on to admit to the Daily Mail that the line is actually “dancing with Molly,” referring to the drug Molly (slang term for MDMA or ecstasy), and the reference in the song “depends on how old you are.” Cyrus continued on that, “if you’re aged 10 [the lyric] is Miley.  If you know what I’m talking about, then you know.” Miley told E! News that this song is a dedication to all her fans. “I feel like this song really is for them and how I feel, that I can’t stop and I’m going to be who I am, and they should be who they are and they can’t stop and no one can stop us. It really   is an inspiring song for my fans.  We don’t care, we can do what we want.”

Release date

Released June 3, 2013


Mike L. Williams II – Pierre Ramon – Slaughter – Timothy Thomas – Theron Thomas – Miley Cyrus – Douglas Davis – Ricky Walters



Chart Rankings

“We Can’t Stop” debuted on the UK Singles Chart in the number one spot, which became Miley’s first break into the top ten, and her first number one song in Britain. The song reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and was tied with her earlier song “Party in the U.S.A.” as her highest ranking single. The song stayed at that spot for three weeks. “We Can’t Stop” won the award for “Choice Summer Song” at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, and was also nominated for “Choice Single: Female Artist.” Besides the UK, the song reached number one in New Zealand and Scotland, and reached the top ten in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, Japan, Norway, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden, in addition to hitting the US Billboard Hot 100 and US Mainstream Top 40. “We Can’t Stop” reached 3x Platinum Certification in Australia, Canada, and the U.S., and 2x Platinum in Sweden and Platinum in Denmark, Mexico, New Zealand, the U.K., and Venezuela.  The song also hit Gold in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

Artist’s age on release date

Miley Cyrus was 20 years old when “We Can’t Stop” was released

Cover Versions

Boyce Avenue featuring Bea Miller on Apple & Spotify, MattyBRaps, Bastille in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, 1950’s Doo Wop featuring Robyn Adele Anderson, The Tee- Tones, Carson Lueders, Daniel J, Sam Tsui & Jason Pitts, Rebecca Black & Jon D, The Vamps, Riley Biederer, Kimmi Smiles, Matt Cab & Maco / Tokyo, Tyler Ward featuring Alex G, Sabrina Vaz, LiaMarieJohnson, Hobbie Stuart, Dot SE, Chester See, Craig Yopp, and Jason Chen.


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