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Slide Away

Miley Cyrus

Album She Is Miley Cyrus

“Slide Away” is the latest single release from musician Miley Cyrus, and her upcoming album: “She Is Miley Cyrus”. The track has been described as more “introspective [and] sombre”.

The track was written by Miley Cyrus, Alma (who also wrote Cyrus’ feminist hit “Mother’s Daughter”) as well Mike Will Made It, who has collaborated many a time with Cyrus. “Slide Away” is about Cyrus’ separation from her husband Liam Hemsworth (a well-known Australian actor), who have been together for over a decade. According to, the lyrics: “so won’t you slide away / back to the ocean, I’ll go back to the city lights” are believed to be referencing the sightings the couple saw after announcing their separation: Hemsworth on a beach in Australia and Cyrus in LA.

There is currently no official music video for the track, but the official audio on Cyrus’ YouTube channel has11 million views since its upload to the site on the 16th August. A video of Cyrus performing the track on the 2019 MTV Music Awards was uploaded on the 27th August 2019, and received over 2.7 million views in less than a day.

Release Date: 16th August 2019

Songwriter/s: Miley Cyrus, Alma Miettinen (known as Alma), Andrew Wyatt & Michael Len Williams II (known as Mike Will Made It)

Producer/s: Andrew Wyatt & Mike Will Made It

Label/s: RCA

Chart Rankings: “Slide Away” ranked in many countries: #22 in Australia, #43 in Belgium, #28 in Canada, #30 in the Czech Republic, #67 in Germany, #25 in Ireland, #18 in New Zealand, #38 in Norway, #16 in Scotland, #11 in Slovakia, #2 in Sweden, #20 in Switzerland, #42 in the UK and #47 in the US.

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