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Mother’s Daughter

Miley Cyrus

Album She Is Coming (EP)

Mother’s Daughter” is a feminist pop-rock anthem from actress, singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus. The track was the lead single from Cyrus’ second EP ¨She Is Coming” which was released at the end of May this year, as well as her highly anticipated album “She Is Miley Cyrus”, which is due to be released sometime this year.

“Mother’s Daughter” was written by Cyrus along with songwriter Andrew Wyatt and singer Alma Miettinen (also known as “Alma”). The track focuses on the empowerment of women and the strength of a mother-daughter relationship. Cyrus references her own mother in the track: “my mama always told me that I’d make it / that I’d make it, so I made it”. Cyrus also plays along with the stereotype that women are “nasty” or that’s she’s “a witch” – a term that was previously used to demonize women and portray as evil. The image of the track consisted of Cyrus licking a cake that had the phrase “ABORTION IS HEALTHCARE” in icing, which caused an uproar among some listeners; there has been a highly controversial discussion about abortion being classified as healthcare and some states not allowing abortion to be legal – and in some cases, looking at sending women who require or need an abortion, to jail. The concept of freedom in Cyrus’ song (“don’t f*ck with my freedom), could be directly correlated to the discussion of the freedom of right to abortion in the US.

The music video was released on the 2nd July 2019 on Cyrus’ official YouTube channel, and features Cyrus in an all red latex outfit, surrounded by red lighting, and features shots of various women, in particular making a point of enforcing body positivity. Black women, women of colour, disabled women of colour, transgender women and non-binary individuals are shown in the video, as well as flashing feminist slogans across the screen. As of August 2019, the music video has almost 50 million views and almost 1.5 million likes.

Release Date: 31st May 2019

Songwriter/s: Miley Cyrus, Andrew Wyatt & Alma Miettinen

Producer/s: Andrew Wyatt

Label/s: RCA

Music Video Release Date: 2nd July 2019

Chart Rankings & Certifications: “Mother’s Daughter” reached the top ten charts in various countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia and the US. It received Gold certification in Australia.

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