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*The copyright for the cover art for the single album “Endless Summer Vacation” by the artist Miley Cyrus is believed to belong to the label, Columbia, or the graphic artist(s).

Used To Be Young

Miley Cyrus

Album Endless Summer Vacation

“Used To Be Young” was released on the 25th August 2023 on the digital reissue of Miley Cyrus’ eighth studio album “Endless Summer Vacation”, which was originally released in March 2023 through Columbia Records.

Cyrus first teased the song in June 2023 cover story for British Vogue. Lyrically, the song sees Cyrus reminisce and look back on her wild and eclectic past with a sense of celebration and respect for all the experiences she has had.

The track being released on the 25th August 2023 is intentional on Cyrus’ part; it marked 10 years since her release of “Wrecking Ball”, as well as also marking her controversial VMA performance of Robin Thicke’s questionable song “Blurred Lines“.

In a statement on Twitter, Cyrus revealed that the lyrics to “Used To Be Young” had been written for a while:

“These lyrics were written almost 2 years ago at the beginning of my ESV. It was at a time I felt misunderstood. I have spent the last 18 months painting a sonic picture of my perspective to share with you. The time has arrived to release a song that I could perfect forever. Although my work is done, this song will continue to write itself everyday. The fact it remains unfinished is a part of its beauty. That is my life at this moment ….. unfinished yet complete.

Sincerely, Miley”

The music video for “Used To Be Young” was released on Cyrus’ official YouTube channel on the 25th August 2023, and was directed by Jacob Bixenman and Brendan Walter. In less than 3 weeks, the video had 22.7 million views.


Read the lyrics to “Used To Be Young” here. 

*All information accurate at the time of publishing (14th September 2023). 

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Release Date

18th August 2023


Gregory "Aldae" Hein, Michael Pollack & Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus, Michael Pollack & Shawn Everett



Chart Rankings

3 weeks after its release, "Used To Be Young" charted at: - #13 in Australia - #29 in Austria - #6 in Belgium - #8, #22 & #24 on various charts in Canada - #53 in Croatia - #31 in the Czech Republic - #25 in Denmark - #101 in France - #53 in Germany - #6 on the Billboard Global 200 - #69 in Greece - #7 in Ireland - #72 in Italy - #33 in Latvia - #33 in Lithuania - #26 & #66 on various charts in the Netherlands - #12 in New Zealand - #12 in Norway - #77 in Poland - #45 in Portugal - #29 in Singapore - #32 in Slovakia - #81 in Spain - #23 in Sweden - #23 in Switzerland - #12 in the UK - #8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 - #16 on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary - #11 on the US Billboard Adult Top 40 - #16 on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40 *All chart rankings accurate at the time of publishing (14th September 2023).

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