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Album SOS

“Shirt” is the October 2022 single from American singer-songwriter SZA, and was released on the 28th October via Top Dawg and RCA Records.

Originally placed at the end of the tail end of SZA’s 2020 single “Good Days” music video, “Shirt” went viral on TikTok and became an extremely popular sound, with users dancing to the track. This lead SZA to join in on the trend and post a video of her dancing to the song. Since so many people were referring to the song as “Shirt” or “Bloodstain”, SZA tweeted that the title “Shirt” would be the official name of the track.

Written by SZA along with Rodney Jerkins and Rob Gueringer, the R&B track sees SZA explore a relationship she ultimately feels she will ruin, as well as the hot and cold nature of the relationship. SZA also voices that the relationship isn’t healthy for her, but she can’t help but feel alone when this person isn’t with her.

The music video for the song was uploaded to SZA’s official YouTube channel on 28th October 2022. The video was directed by infamous music video director Dave Meyers, and features both SZA and actor LaKeith Stanfield as the protagonists of the Bonnie and Clyde style film. In 3 days, the video had a total of 3.7 million views.

Read the lyrics to “Shirt” here.

*All information accurate at the time of publishing.

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Release Date

29th October 2022


Solána Rowe (SZA), Rodney Jerkins & Rob Gueringer


Darkchild & Freaky Rob


Top Dawg & RCA

Chart Rankings

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