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Good Days


Album Good Days (Single)

“Good Days” is the December 2020 single from American singer SZA. “Good Days” is a slowed-down string-led R&B ballad written by Solána Rowe (SZA), Carlos Muñoz, Carter Lang, Christopher Ruelas and Jacob Collier, with production don by Lang, Loshendrix and Nascent.

“Good Days” was first teased on SZA’s Instagram stories in July 2020, but it was only released on Christmas Day in 2020. “Good Days” sees SZA move on from past and present negativity, with an attempt to look forward into the future. SZA also tweeted it that she had written in a session on Carter Lang’s birthday and “finished it randomly recently”. The song also features songwriter Jacob Collier’s vocals in the background.

There is currently no music video for the song, but an official lyric video for “Good Days” was released via SZA’s YouTube channel on the 30th December 2020. The lyric video was made by instagram user Fahmeedx. The videos shows SZA in brown bikini surround by wood blocks and a gymnastics stand, while she sings the track to the camera. The lyrics to the track come on the screen in a bright white handwritten font. As of late January 2021, the video has over 2.5 million views and 129 thousand likes.

Release Date: 25th December 2020

Songwriter/s: Solána Rowe, Carlos Muñoz, Carter Lang, Christopher Ruelas & Jacob Collier

Producer/s: Carter Lang, Loshendrix & Nascent

Label/s: Top Dawg & RCA

Lyric Video Release Date: 30th December 2020

Lyric Video Director: Fahmeedx

Chart Rankings: “Good Days” charted at #38 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Read the lyrics to “Good Days” here: LINK

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