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“PAIN” is the latest release from American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist King Princess. “PAIN” marks King Princess’ second release of the year, the first being “Only Time Makes It Human”, which was released at the end of October 2020. “PAIN” was written by King Princess, Tobias Jesso Jr., Shawn Everett & Dark Waves; with King Princess producing the track alongside Mark Ronson.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar on the 11th December 2020, King Princess spoke about the synth-pop song and it’s music video, directed by King Princess’ girlfriend and Lizzo’s creative director Quinn Wilson:

“When you think about heartbreak and pain, you’re not thinking about physical pain usually… In music especially, we’re talking about having your heart broken, being left, being left on read, being told that you’re too much. And I think this is kind of the physical manifestation of those feelings. And I hope that somebody else who wants to jam out to something that is lighthearted but also represents their possible heartbreak, this is like the video I would want to watch myself in those moments.” When asked about the video, King Princess stated: “I wish I had a video like this that was also gay as a kid. I think Quinn makes great content like that, because it really is just so matter-of-fact. It’s like hot girls beating the shit out of a girlish person.”

The video was released on King Princess’ YouTube channel on the 23rd November 2020, and currently has over 217 thousand views and 10 thousand likes.

Release Date: 23rd November 2020

Songwriter/s: King Princess, Tobias Jessio Jr., Shawn Everett & Dark Waves

Producer/s: King Princess (co-producer is Mark Ronson)

Label: Zelig Records

Music Video Release Date: 23rd November 2020

Music Video Director: Quinn Wilson

Chart Rankings: “PAIN” has not yet reached mainstream charts, but currently has 1.4 million global streams on Spotify.

Find King Princess on Spotify: LINK

Find King Princess on Apple Music: LINK

The lyrics to “PAIN” can be found here: LINK


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PAIN by King Princess

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