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I Don’t Care

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Album Only Human

Story of Song

“Stop caring about stupid pointless things” is the message Cheryl wanted to deliver in this song. In an interview with Shazam, Cheryl said: “The song itself is definitely reflective of where I am at the moment in my life. Obviously I care, I care about people and I care about certain things, but there are things I really couldn’t care less about that I used to care for, it’s where I’m at.” Cheryl added: “I think the message in general for ‘I Don’t Care’ is that you reach a point… it could be any subject. In the second verse ‘in this town word gets around, but don’t bring me down, just static in my head’ it could be anything; people gossiping, people talking rubbish about you. You hit a point in a certain stage in your life where you really don’t care anymore, and that’s the stage I’m at and that’s the message I wanna give to people. Its like… stop caring about stupid pointless things.”

According to a co-writer Bonnie Mckee, the original title of the song was ‘Waking Up Diagonal’ and she had written the song for herself. Mckee told The Idolator that she was less than impressed with how the track tuned out, saying: “That was my tenth number one, so I’m grateful for it but I didn’t want to give it up. It was a song I had written for myself. They tweaked a couple lyrics and changed the title. The original title was ‘Waking Up Diagonal’. It’s the first line of the song. I just thought it was more interesting than ‘I Don’t Care’, which is such a boring title to me. When I hear that song it breaks my heart a little bit because it’s my story.”

Release date

Released on November 2, 2014


Jocke Ahlund – Bonnie Mckee – John Newman – Cheryl



Chart Rankings

US – 1

UK – 1


‘I Don’t Care’ is Cheryl’s fifth number one hit in the UK as a solo artist and the ninth one including hits from Girls Aloud band. The song topped the charts in Scotland and peaked at number four in Ireland. ‘I Don’t Care’ never made it to the US Billboard Hot 100. The British Phonographic Industry certified it silver.

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Very few amateur artists covered this song on YouTube

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