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This upbeat and heart pumping track is brought to you by pop’s sweetheart Dua Lipa and house music’s veterans Mark Ronson and Diplo – the duo known as “Silk City”. The track was written by a handful of individuals, Diplo and Mark Ronson included, as well as Florence Welch from Indie band “Florence and the Machine” and Wynter Gordon who also features vocally on the track.

“Electricity” starts off with Dua Lipa admitting her love for someone and how the sparks from electricity aren’t as strong as her feelings for this individual. “Fallint into you, baby / Even electricity can’t compare to what I feel / When I’m with you”. She also addresses how she’s made herself more open and given up her guards for this person too: “Giving up my ghost for you / And now I’m see-through”. The pre-chorus is where the song begins to pick up its tempo and emphasizes it’s house-dance beat, with Dua Lipa singing: “You give me a feeling, feeling so strong / I know you’ve been treating, treating yourself wrong / So let me care for you / Ooh, baby / I’ma love you differently / I’ll give you electricity / Give it to you”, highlighting how she feels that the person she loves hasn’t been good to themselves so she’ll look after them. The chorus consists of Lipa putting focus on how she wouldn’t turn on her lover even if she could, how she would “stop the world” for them, and that her love has “no ceiling”, meaning that her love for this person will never have a limit. The second verse is also Lipa, giving more insight into how far she is thinking about this person – “wide awake and in my dreams / I see your face so vividly”, she’s even thinking about this person in her sleep. However, she admits that she doesn’t know what she would do if her love only “saw a friend” in her, and she would be “bittersweet”. The term bittersweet is probably used here as the individual would still be in her life, but not in a romantic sense, solely a platonic sense. The rest of the track is the pre-chorus and chorus repeated on and off until the song ends.

The music video was released on the 7th September 2018, which is the same day the song was released, and has gained over 40 million views. The video is set in New York City, showing videos of the whole city in a blackout. It cuts to Dua Lipa in red hot pants and a tied up white shirt, alone in her apartment with no electricity. As the song progresses, the apartment slowly starts to light up when she walks past electricity powered objects, and eventually a party is started in the apartment with lots of lights and a lot of people drinking and dancing. It eventually dies down when the morning has come, showing Dua Lipa on a chaise lounge singing the last lines of the song surrounded by the party goers.

Release Date: 7th September 2018

Songwriter/s: Florence Welch, Picard Brothers, Jarami, Diplo, Mark Ronson, Wynter Gordon, Romy Madley Croft, Jr. Blender, Joake Oh, Rami Dawod

Album/s: “Dua Lipa (Complete Edition)” (2018), “Mark Ronson & Diplo present Silk City – EP” (2018)

Genre: House, Electro House, Electronic, Dance-Pop

Label/s: Columbia Records

Music Video Release Date: 7th September 2018

Music Video Director/s: Bardley and Pablo

Music Video Producer/s: Ross Levine, Chris Clavadetscher, Candice Dragonas

Music Video Choreography: Theresa “Toogie” Barcelo

Chart Rankings: #26 on the US Billboard Digital Song Sales Charts, #4 in the UK Official Charts Singles, on the 20th September 2018.

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