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Break My Heart

Dua Lipa

Album Future Nostalgia

“Break My Heart” is the final single from British-Albanian singer and songwriter Dua Lipa, and her second studio album “Future Nostalgia” which was released today – 27th March 2020, rather than the 3rd April 2020. Lipa emotionally announced the album’s earlier release date in an emotional livestream on Instagram, stating that she hopes it “brings you some happiness, and I hope it makes you smile, and I hope it makes you dance. I hope I make you proud”.

“Break My Heart” was written by Lipa, Alexandra Tamposi, Andrew Wotman, Stefan Johnson, Jordan K. Johnson, Michael Hutchance and Andrew Fariss, with production done by The Monsters & Strangerz and Watt. In a description on Apple Music’s page for the album, Lipa discusses the meaning behind “Break My Heart”: “This samples INXS’s ‘Need You Tonight,’ and it’s a perfect explanation of ‘dance crying.’ It’s about finally being in a happy place and knowing this new person is amazing. But then thinking: ‘Nothing else compares to this, and what if this ends and it breaks my heart?’ It’s the whole thing of being scared to be too happy, like when your day is going really well and you think, ‘What’s the one thing that’s going to f*ck it up?’ I’m a hopeless romantic and always ask myself: ‘How am I going to protect this?’ But it’s also a sweet and vulnerable place to be, because you also see how much you care. It helped that the people I wrote this with know my boyfriend, which helped me be really open.”

The video for “Break My Heart” was released on the 26th March 2020, a day after the track’s release. Directed by Henry Schofield (who has directed some of Lipa’s most successful videos), it features Dua Lipa travelling between different universes, that are hidden in everyday objects, such as a bowl or a toy car. The video ends with Lipa on top of a taxi singing to a camera. In only 24 hours, the video has received 601 thousand likes and 4.6 million views.

Release Date: 25th March 2020

Songwriter/s: Dua Lipa, Alexandra Tamposi, Andrew Wotman, Stefan Johnson, Jordan K. Johnson, Michael Hutchance & Andrew Fariss

Producer/s: Andrew Watt & The Monsters and the Strangerz

Label: Warner

Music Video Release Date: 26th March 2020

Music Video Director: Henry Schofield

Chart Rankings: Since the track was just released, it has not landed a position in the charts. However, in 48 hours the track has 116 thousand streams on Spotify, excluding the views from the music video alone.

The lyrics to “Break My Heart” can be viewed here: LINK

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