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“Cool” is the third track from Dua Lipa latest and critically acclaimed second studio album “Future Nostalgia”, which was released at the end of last month. The track is written by Lipa, Shakka Philip, Ben Kohn, Pete Kelleher, songwriter/producer Kamille, and singer Tove Lo, who also provides some of the backing vocals.

In a statement to Apple Music where Lipa broke down each track on the “Future Nostalgia” album, Lipa explained the process behind “Cool” and her initial reaction to the song: “My A&R played me this song two years ago, and I instantly hated it. I was like, “Please never play me this again.” But a year down the line, when I was writing, he sat me down and was like, “I have something to play you.” And he just played the instrumental and I was like, “This is actually really good with no lyrics.” I went into the studio with Tove Lo and just had fun exploring. It has some Prince influences, and it was a range of my voice I hadn’t tried. This whole album was about exploring growth and trying out new things, so I wanted to embrace challenges. We wrote something that felt really real to me, and it’s just a romantic, summery song, about meeting someone who has you losing all your cool.”

There is currently no music video for “Cool”, but the lyric video on Dua Lipa’s YouTube channel has over 1 million views since its upload on the 9th April 2020.

Release Date: 27th March 2020

Songwriter/s: Shakka Philip, Ben Kohn, Pete Kelleher, Tom Barnes, KAMILLE, Tove Lo & Dua Lipa

Producer/s: Stuart Price & TMS

Label: Warner

Chart Rankings: “Cool” has not reached mainstream charts, however the track does have 15.8 million worldwide streams on Spotify.

The lyrics to “Cool” can be accessed here: LINK

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