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Each Time You Break My Heart

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Album Each Time You Break My Heart

“Each Time You Break My Heart” was released in 1986 as the lead single from his eponymous debut studio album. The song was written and produced by Madonna and Breakfast Club member Stephen Bray, and was originally intended to be included on Madonna’s third studio album “True Blue”, which was released in the same year.

“Each Time You Break My Heart” is a synth-pop track that talks about a toxic yet exciting relationship that Kamen cannot leave, and that even strengthens every time his lover breaks his heart. Madonna had expressed interest in producing Kamen’s record when he signed to Sire Records, however was busy at the time filming for the movie “Who’s That Girl”, so decided to only write and compose a singular song. “Each Time You Break My Heart” was intended to be a single for “True Blue”, but Madonna decided not to include it in the final cut. Madonna is featured in the background vocals of the song.

A music video for “Each Time You Break My Heart” was made in 1986 and was directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. The video features Kamen singing and dancing in various locations – on a stage, at a piano or looking at his reflection on a table. There is no official upload of the video, however a YouTube user by the name of “Old School” uploaded the video in March 2015. As of mid-May 2021, the video has 2.7 million views and over 24 thousand likes.

Release Date: 2nd November 1986

Songwriter/s: Madonna & Stephen Bray

Producer/s: Madonna & Stephen Bray

Label: Sire

Music Video Release Date: 1986

Music Video Director: Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Chart Rankings & Certifications: After its release, “Each Time You Break My Heart” charted in many positions across the globe:

– #84 in Australia
– #25 in Austria
– #11 in Belgium
– #64 in Canada
– #11 on the European Hot 100 Singles
– #8 in France
– #8 in Germany
– #3 in Ireland
– #2 in Italy
– #5 in the Netherlands
– #41 in New Zealand
– #6 in Sweden
– #2 in Switzerland
– #5 in the UK
– #5 on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs

“Each Time You Break My Heart” is certified Silver in France and the UK.

Read the lyrics to “Each Time You Break My Heart” here. Listen to “Each Time You Break My Heart” on Apple Music.

Listen to “Each Time You Break My Heart” on Spotify.

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