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Angels Forever, Forever Angels

Lana Del Rey

Album Angels Forever, Forever Angels (Unreleased)

“Angels Forever”, Forever Angels” (“AFFA”) is an unreleased song from Lana Del Rey, leaked in July 2013. It is believed to be an outtake from Del Rey’s third studio album “Ultraviolence”, which was released in June 2013.

“AFFA” is a track about being in love with someone who you believe understands you better than anyone else. The track draws heavy inspiration from 80’s soft-pop, with the beat reminiscent of a soft 80’s pop song. Lana Del Rey reminisces about this particular lover on “Angels Forever, Forever Angels”, but also discusses her thoughts regarding life and death.

Since the song has not been officially released, there is no music video for the song. However, a YouTube user by the name of “ANDRES ARGEL” uploaded the song to the site in October 2015, with black and white photos of Del Rey accompanying the audio. As of February 2020, the video has 355 thousand views with over 6.1 thousand likes.

Release Date: 2013

Songwriter: Lana Del Rey

Producer: Rick Nowels

Label: n/a

Chart Rankings: n/a

The lyrics to “AFFA” can be viewed here: LINK

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