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Our Top Songs of 2022

Written by infostoryofsong

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2022 has been an incredible year for music, so we decided to put together our top 10 tracks released this year. Here they are, in no particular order… 


The 19th track from SZA’s highly anticipated second album “SOS”, “Shirt” is an R&B track that sees SZA describe a relationship she will ultimately ruin. The song went viral on TikTok before it’s official release as a single in October 2022, and is bound to be stuck in your head all day.


British singer-songwriter RAYE and American rapper 070 Shake’s first collaboration together, “Escapsim.” sees RAYE open up about unhealthy coping mechanisms, heartbreak and moving on. One of the best tracks of the year, not only lyrically, but sonically as the melody matches the lyrics mood and tone as it changes throughout the track.

  • “CLONES” – Lana Lubany: 

We were fortunate enough to interview Lana earlier this year, and “CLONES” is her third single of the year. Lana blends Arabic and English incredibly, bringing a new kind of sound to everyone’s playlists and TikTok pages – where Lana first went viral for posting a TikTok of her showing her mum her single “THE SNAKE”. Lana is doing big things, in a big way. We’re so excited to see what 2023 brings her.

Released in May of 2022, “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” is Harry Styles’ opening track from his “Harry’s House” album, and is one of the most interesting tracks he’s ever released. Initially, the song seemed to be a disco infused pop song where Styles uses food metaphors to describe a lover. However, when the music video was released in October 2022, viewers were given a whole new meaning. The song’s video clears up any confusion on the story behind the song: it’s an intelligent critique of the music industry’s toxicity, artists being viewed and treated as products and the industry’s lack of loyalty. A brilliant, wonderful and smart-as-a-whip track and music video. A must listen and a must watch.


Lizzo never fails to disappoint, and “About Damn Time” got us up and dancing the minute we heard it. An ode to self-love and allowing yourself to be loved (by yourself and others), this song never gets old and always makes you feel warm inside. If you’re having a bad day, put this song on and you’ll feel a little bit better than you did before – trust us.


  • “Very Few Friends” – Saint Levant: 

The Palestinian-Algerian-French-Serbian singer-songwriter/rapper Saint Levant went viral on TikTok with this track, with his trilingual, risque and smooth lyrics in English, French and Arabic earning him his place on millions of TikTok users “For You” page. The song sees Levant cooly ask a girl to join him in France, Lebanon and give him a chance. This song is perfectly paired with a hot summer day, a cold ice drink and good company. Delicious.


  • “papi bones (feat. shygirl)” – FKA twigs, shygirl:

The ninth song from FKA twigs 2022 album “CAPRISONGS”, “papi bones” features rapper shygirl, and the two combined are a dream come true. Our personal favourite on the “CAPRISONGS” album, “papi bones” is catchy, fun and perfect for a little boogie and confidence boost.


  • “This Is What I Mean” – Stormzy: 

Also the title of Stormzy’s 2022 album, “This Is What I Mean” is a powerhouse of a song. At 5 minutes and 25 seconds long, the song is a journey for listeners, not only sonically but lyrically. The song discusses wealth, race, success and fame.


  • “Wet Dream” – Wet Leg: 

A fun song, and the fifth track from Wet Leg’s self-titled 2022 album. A punk inspired that song the likes of Harry Styles covering it for BBC Radio 1. The song is full of character, sass and confidence, and the line: “what makes you think you’re good enough to think about me?” always hits. Always.


  • “LEAN ON YOU” – Shébani, James Chatburn:

A beautiful, smooth and soft R&B track from Iraqi singer Shébani, who we had a wonderful conversation with in mid 2022. Shébani’s vocals are as sweet as honey and smooth as velvet, and are the perfect accompaniment for a spring afternoon, a hot summer evening or a dinner party with friends. Shébani’s (and James Chatburn’s) vocals bring a sense of peace, and we love everything she releases.


We can’t wait to listen to more wonderful tracks in 2023, and we hope you carry on listening with us.

Written by infostoryofsong

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