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Sunday Chart Updates

Sunday chart update: 8th – 12th February

Written by infostoryofsong

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Happy Sunday, and a happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who celebrate it. Ready for your weekly chart update. The UK Spotify Chart hasn’t changed much this week, so we’ll be looking at the top 15 tracks this week, and choose some of the tracks we haven’t yet covered this week. So, what are the charts looking like right now?

  1. driver’s license – Olivia Rodrigo*
  3. Don’t Play – Anne-Marie, KSI, Digital Farm Animals*
  4. Blinding Lights – The Weeknd*
  5. Bringing It Back – Digga D, AJ Tracey
  6. The Business – Tiësto
  7. Streets – Doja Cat*
  8. Money Talks (feat. Dave) – Fredo, Dave*
  9. Save Your Tears – The Weeknd
  10. Paradise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)*
  11. Whoopty – CJ*
  12. Good Days – SZA*
  13. Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) – Joel Corry, MNEK
  14. Latest Trends – A1 x J1
  15. Mood (feat. iann dior) – 24kGoldn, iann dior*

*Tracks with an asterisk have already been covered – click the name to read the article!

“Bringing It Back” – Digga D, AJ Tracey (currently at #5)

“Bringing It Back” is the early February 2021 release from West London artists Digga D and AJ Tracey. The song sees the duo rap back and forth, reminiscing on their lives as drug dealers and discussing the changes and attention their fame has brought them. The video was released on the same day as the single, and was directed by KC Locke and Digga D. The video has 3.7 million views with over 128 thousand likes – watch it here.

“The Business” – Tiësto (currently at #6)

This deep house track was released in September 2020  by Dutch DJ and producer Tiësto. Six months later, the song is still in the top 10. The track details a quick and whirlwind romance that may end soon, with the narrator eager to be intimate and to get their relationship back to the way it was. The music video was released in late September 2020 and features dancers Casey Frey and Kyla Bullings. To watch the video, click here.

“Save Your Tears” – The Weeknd (currently at #9)

The eleventh track on The Weeknd’s March 2020 studio album “After Hours”, “Save Your Tears”, we see The Weeknd candidly opens up about mistreating past lovers and their experiences together, while urging his lover to save their tears for another day. The music video was released in January 2021, perhaps explaining why the song has re-entered the charts. The music video (warning, it does contain some images and scenes that some viewers may find distressing) is dark and has over 133.6 million views – check it out here.

“Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) – Joel Corry, MNEK (currently at #13)

This house track was an uplifiting addition to a fairly stagnant 2020 summer. Created and produced by UK producer Joel Corry and British singer-songwriter MNEK. The upbeat love song gushes about the way a lover makes them feel and act. The music video features many people about their everyday life, one with the track playing and one without it. The video has 147.8 million views, and is available to watch on YouTube here.

“Latest Trends” – A1 x J1 (currently at #14)

This track marks 15-year-old North West London artist A1 and 17-year-old Kent artist J1. The smooth rap track hears both rappers both speak about their experiences growing up, and the song’s success was largely due to the duo popularity on TikTok. The official lyric video is available to view here.

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Written by infostoryofsong

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