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“driver’s license”, “Don’t Play” & more from this week’s UK charts

Written by infostoryofsong

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Welcome to “hits of week & their stories”, our latest weekly instalment. Choosing five songs from Spotify’s UK Top 50 Chart, we bring you bite-sized stories behind the most popular songs right now.

“driver’s license” – Olivia Rodrigo (currently at #1)

The song that has taken the UK charts (and the globe) by storm, “driver’s license” by 17-year-old Olivia Rodrigo tells a story of an ex-lover and an unshakeable heartbreak. The video is just as heart breaking, with Rodrigo driving aimlessly with shots of her remembering her ex-partner. The song is a reminder of the intensity of young love, and the aftershocks that come with it. Watch the video here.

“Don’t Play” by Anne-Marie, KSI & Digital Farm Animals (currently at #3)

“Don’t Play” combines British talents from singer Anne-Marie, rapper KSI and production group Digital Farm Animals, who have worked with the likes of Dua Lipa, James Arthur, Little Mix and Noah Cyrus. “Don’t Play” is that sweet spot between old school garage and pop, with catchy lyrics regarding taking a relationship to the next level, and not playing games with one another. The video features KSI and Anne-Marie training, with KSI helping Anne-Marie defeat bullies she encounters throughout her day. Check out the video here.

“Streets – Doja Cat” (currently at #8)

“Streets”, despite being released in 2019 on Doja Cat’s “Hot Pink” album, has wiggled its way back to the mainstream charts, thanks to the ever-evolving video app TikTok. “Streets” is a musical journey, with its sound ever-changing, as Doja Cat reveals her sorrows about a past relationship in the first part of the track, then leading to an almost brag in the second part of the song, with Doja Cat detailing why she chose to return back to that particular lover. Doja Cat has also recently sung the song live at her “Hot Pink Session” available on her YouTube channel. Watch them here.

Sweet Melody” – Little Mix (currently at #16)

Released back in October 2020, British girl group Little Mix are still a solid favourite in the UK charts with their single “Sweet Melody” from their sixth studio album “Confetti”. Following Little Mix’s traditional style of singing about breakups and love, “Sweet Melody” is no different, using dancing and music metaphors to show a disloyal partner, who uses his “melody” to pull lovers back in every time. The video has a whopping 60.6 million views with 1.2 million likes. Watch it here.

“Goosebumps” – HVME (currently at #23)

This remix of American rappers Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar 2016 hit has been revamped in 2020. Remixed by Spanish DJ and producer “HMVE” in mid-2020, the song gathered millions of streams very quickly, the deep-house remix securing itself as a solid song for the summer of 2020 – and apparently well into 2021 too. “Goosebumps” is an upbeat track about the physical effects of needing a high from someone you’re attracted to, rather than turning to drugs and alcohol. Check out the video here.

Written by infostoryofsong

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