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We don’t talk anymore

Cliff Richard

Album Rock ‘n’ Roll Juvenile

Story of Song

It’s a bittersweet story about a relationship that ended because the girl simply wanted to be free. While the man in this relationship was under the impression that this is it, the one, but apparently not to the girl. When a person is deeply involved in a relationship and suddenly realized that the other person is actually not as involved or even completely out of it, you go through a phase where you just think it’s funny, and laugh at yourself instead of feeling sorry for yourself and being dramatic about it. In this song, Cliff says it’s so funny how we don’t talk anymore and that he isn’t losing sleep and isn’t counting sheep. So go ahead and leave, but don’t come crying when you feel lonely and remember, this is your decision.

Richard reunited with producer Bruce Welch for this pop hit making him the first act to reach the Hot 100’s top 40 in the 1980s who had also been there in each of the three previous decades (1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s).

In the mid-1960s, Richard became a Christian and started recording inspirational albums. Every December, Richard releases a Christmas-themed single, which rarely fails to reach the UK Top 20.

Release date

Cliff released this song in July 1979.


Alan Tamey



Chart Rankings

US – 7

UK – 1


This song is Cliff Richard’s first time at the top of the UK singles chart in over ten years and his biggest-selling single worldwide, with almost five million copies sold all over the world. Richard had number 1s in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

The song reached number 1 on the UK Singles Chart after a month from its debut and stayed there for 4 weeks, making it Richard’s 10th number 1 hit. He was never a big star in the US, but definitely Britain’s most successful home-grown solo act, with thirteen number 1s, and appearances with Band Aid 2 and The Young Ones on other number 1 hits. It reached number 1 in Germany for five weeks and it was his only English-language German chart-topper, although in the 60s he had two German-language number 1s there.

Cliff Richard was appointed a Knight Bachelor in 1995 making him the first rock star to be so honored.

Artist’s age on release date

Cliff Richard was 39 years old when he released this song.

Cover Versions

The Miller Brothers covered Cliff Richard’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore”.


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We don’t talk anymore by Cliff Richard

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