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Mistletoe and Wine

Cliff Richard

Album Mistletoe and Wine (Single)

Mistletoe and Wine” is the 2021 re-release of English singer Cliff Richard’s 1988 hit Christmas song of the same name, except it features Collabro, a UK-based musical theatre group.

The song originally was written by Jeremy Paul, Leslie Stewart and Keith Strachan for “Scraps“, a musical that was later renamed “The Little Match Girl” and adapted for television 11 years after the musicals’  debut in 1976. Cliff Richard was a fan of the song, but changed its lyrics to reflect a more religious, Christmas theme. The song went on to become Richard’s 12th number one single.

There is no music video for the 2021 remake of the Christmas classic, but the official audio upload on Collabro’s YouTube channel has over 17 thousand views since its upload on the 29th November 2021.

Read the lyrics to “Mistletoe and Wine” here. 

*All information accurate at the time of publishing. 

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Release Date

29th November 2021


Jeremy Paul, Keith Strachan & Leslie Stewart


Morgan Pochin


Peak Productions

Chart Rankings

"Mistletoe and Wine" the 2021 version, has not reached mainstream charts. *All chart information accurate at the time of publishing.

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