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“Teddy Picker” is the second track from English indie group the Arctic Monkeys and their second studio album “Favourite Worst Nightmare”, which was released in 2007. The track was written by frontman Alex Turner, with production done by producers James Ford and Mike Crossey.

“Teddy Picker” is an indie-punk track about coming to terms with the reality of fame and looking past all the positives that are raved about in society. “Teddy Picker” can also be referencing the large arcade game where a crane is controlled by a player in an attempt to pick up a prize; normally a cuddly toy or a teddy bear.

The music video was released on the group’s record label “Domino” and their YouTube channel in November 2007. The video was directed by Roman Coppola who had previously directed videos for the likes of The Strokes and Daft Punk, and shows the group recording the song in RAK Studios in London and walking to a local pub. As of July 2020, the video has 56.2 million views and almost a quarter of a million likes.

Music Video Release Date: 8th November 2007

Music Video Director: Roman Coppola

Chart Rankings, Certifications & Awards: In its year of release, “Teddy Picker” charted at #99 in the French Singles Chart, #32 on the Irish Singles Charts, #35 on the Italian Singles Chart, #98 on the Netherlands Singles Chart, and #1 on the UK Indie Chart and #20 in the UK Singles chart. “Teddy Picker” has Silver certification, and also won “Best Video” at the 2008 NME Awards.

The lyrics to “Teddy Picker” can be accessed here: LINK

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Release Date

3rd December 2007


Alex Turner


James Ford & Mike Crossey



Chart Rankings

In its year of release, “Teddy Picker” charted at: - #99 in the French Singles Chart - #32 on the Irish Singles Charts - #35 on the Italian Singles Chart - #98 on the Netherlands Singles Chart - #1 on the UK Indie Chart and #20 in the UK Singles chart.


    October 9, 2020 at 1:13 pm

    Just so you know, while the interpretation is correct, that large machine with a crane that you can win a prize from? We call that a “Claw Machine”.


    July 8, 2021 at 7:04 am

    “teddy picker” is the term in the UK

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