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Story of Song

“Style” is about a relationship with a guy who has “slicked-back hair,” appearing to be Taylor looking back at her time with ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. The clue is that Harry used to rock a slicked-back hair style and in the title too. Taylor Swift said in an interview with Ryan Secrest: “I loved comparing these timeless visuals with a feeling that never goes out of style … It’s basically one of those relationships that’s always a bit off .. The two people are trying to forget each other. So, it’s like, “All right, I heard you went off with her,” and well, I’ve done that, too .. My previous albums have also been sort of like, I was right, you were wrong, you did this, it made me feel like this, a righteous sense of right and wrong in a relationship. What happens when you grow up is you realize the rules in a relationship are very blurred and that it gets very complicated very quickly, and there’s not a case of who was right or who was wrong”.

Taylor Swift was walking past Ali Payami’s room at the Wolf Cousins studio when she heard the beat through the door and asked if she could collaborate on the song. She did, and it was her favorite song on the album. She said: “I first heard Style driving down the Pacific coast highway and it was everything. I chair-danced so hard you have no idea.”

Release date

Style was released on February 9, 2015


Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback, Ali Payami


Big Machine, Republic

Chart Rankings

US – 6

UK – 21


Style peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, and spent nine consecutive weeks in the top 10. Aside from its success on the Billboard Hot 100, the song has topped the Adult Top 40, the Mainstream Top 40, and the Adult Contemporary chart and also charted at number 21 on the Rhythmic chart. “Style” likewise topped the Hot ACCHR/Top 40, and AC airplay charts in Canada. As of August 2015, “Style” has sold 2,037,000 copies in the United States. After Taylor’s live performance at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in December, the song re-entered the charts at number 75 after it had debuted on the Billboard hot 100 at number 60 due to strong digital download sales.

The song was also a worldwide commercial success, charting at number 1 in South Africa but peaked at number 8 in Australia. In neighboring New Zealand, the song peaked at number 11. It reached number 9 and 21 in Scotland and the UK. It received top 40 positions in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, and Slovakia.

Artist’s age on release date

Taylor was 26 years old when she released Style.

Cover Versions

Hasn’t been remixed or remade.


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