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no body, no crime (ft. HAIM)

Taylor Swift

Album evermore

“no body, no crime” is the sixth track on Taylor Swift’s latest album “evermore”, which was released on the 11th December 2020 through Republic Records. “no body, no crime” was written by Swift and produced by Swift, with co-production by Aaron Dessner. The song also features American girl group HAIM.

“no body, no crime” marks the first time Swift and HAIM have worked together. The song is Swift’s take on a true crime, with Este Haim playing a character in the track. The country song was written by Swift, who then sent it over to Dessner. Dessner spoke about “no body, no crime” in his recent Rolling Stone interview:

“Taylor wrote that one alone and sent me a voice memo of her playing guitar — she wrote it on this rubber-bridge guitar that I got for her. It’s the same kind I play on “Invisible String.” So she wrote “No Body, No Crime” and sent me a voice memo of it, and then I started building on that. It’s funny, because the music I’ve listened to the most in my life are things that are more like that — roots music, folk music, country music, old-school rock & roll, the Grateful Dead. It’s not really the sound of the National or other things I’ve done, but it feels like a warm blanket…

That song also had a lot of my friends on it — Josh Kaufman, who played harmonica on “Betty,” also plays harmonica on this one and some guitar. JT Bates plays the drums on that song — he’s an amazing jazz guitarist, but he also has an incredible feel [for rhythm] when it comes to a song like that. He also played the drums on “Dorothea.” And then Taylor had specific ideas from the beginning about references and how she wanted it to feel, and that she wanted the Haim sisters to sing on it. We had them record the song with Ariel Reichshaid, they sent that from L.A., and then we put it together when Taylor was here [at Long Pond]. They’re an incredible band, and it was another situation where we were like, “Well, this happened.” It felt like this weird little rock & roll history anecdote.’’

There is no music video for “no body, no crime” but the official lyric video available on Taylor Swift’s YouTube channel has 4.4 million views with over 203 thousand likes.

Release Date: 11th December 2020

Songwriter: Taylor Swift

Producer/s: Taylor Swift & Aaron Dessner

Label: Republic

Chart Rankings: Since its release, “no body, no crime” has reached the following chart positions:

– #16 in Australia
– #11 in Ireland
– #29 in New Zealand
– #19 in the UK

The lyrics to “no body, no crime” featuring HAIM can be read here: LINK

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