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Taylor Swift

Album Lover

“Lover” is the third track from the same titled album from country/pop musician Taylor Swift. “Lover” is the seventh studio album from Swift and holds the record for the most pre-added pop album in its first day worldwide, as well as on Apple Music. Target has also confirmed that the album is their highest selling pre-ordered album of all time, which beat the record also held by Swift for her previous album: “reputation”.

“Lover” is a track about Swift’s partner of three years, British actor Joe Alwyn. The song also alludes to wedding themes with lyrics such as “Ladies and gentleman, will you please stand?” and “I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover”. Speaking to Vogue, Swift stated that the Lover “…has one of my favourite bridges. I love a bridge, and I was really able to go to Bridge City”. The producer Jack Antonoff also tweeted about the track on its day of release: ‘lover the song out today. did this one entirely at electric lady in NYC. only laura sisk and taylor in the room. taylor wrote every stitch of this song and came in and played it for me – just a perfect moment to hear what she had done alone the night before”.

The music video was released on the 22nd August, directed by Taylor Swift as well as director Drew Kirsch. The concept was inspired by a lyrics from a previous track from Swift, “You Are in Love”: “you two are dancing in a snow globe round and round”. Swift’s backup dancer Christian Owens plays her love interest. Swift and Owens act as a couple in music video, living in a house with seven brightly lit coloured rooms (each room representing one of Swift’s seven studio albums). They fight and then make up, and the house is eventually revealed to be a Christmas snow globe which is later given to their daughter. As of September 2019, the music video has over 46 million views and 1.5 million likes.

Release Date: 16th August 2019

Songwriter/s: Taylor Swift

Producer/s: Jack Antonoff & Taylor Swift

Label/s: Republic / Taylor Swift Productions

Music Video Release Date: 22nd August 2019

Music Video Director: Drew Kirsch & Taylor Swift

Chart Rankings: Since its release in August 2019, “Lover” has ranked #3 in Australia, #3 and #47 in Austria, #39 and #18 in Belgium, #7 in Canada, #13 in the Czech Republic, #16 in Estonia, #61 in Germany, #20 in Hungary, #9 in Ireland, #87 in Italy, #76 in Japan, #4 in Malaysia, #79 in the Netherlands, #3 in New Zealand, #42 in Portugal, #12 in Scotland, #2 in Singapore, #18 in Slovakia, #87 in Spain, #37 in Sweden, #52 in Switzerland, #14 in the UK, and lastly #10 and #2 in the US.

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