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*The copyright for the cover art for the album “Midnights” by the artist Taylor Swift is believed to belong to the label Republic, or the graphic artist(s).

Lavender Haze

Taylor Swift

Album Midnights

“Lavender Haze” is the opening track to Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated tenth album “Midnights”, which was released on the 21st October 2022 through Republic Records.

“Lavender Haze” is a pop song that sees Swift open up about her love life, with the title of the song stemming from the American TV series “Mad Men” – specifically season 2, episode 12. The song’s writing credits feature actress Zoë Kravitz, who co-wrote the track as well as providing backing vocals.

In a TikTok and Instagram reel series titled “Midnights Mayhem”, Swift broke down the meaning of each song. Swift went into detail about the use of the term lavender haze”, as well as the song’s personal meaning for her:

““Lavender Haze” is track one on Midnights, and I happened upon the phrase “lavender haze” when I was watching Mad Men, and I looked it up, because I thought it sounded cool, and it turns out that it’s a common phrase used in the 50s where they would just describe being in love […] you were in that all-encompassing love glow, and I thought that was really beautiful… Like my relationship, for six years we’ve had to dodge weird rumors, tabloid stuff, and we just ignore it, and so this song is about the act of ignoring that stuff to protect the real stuff. I hope you guys like it.”

The lyric video for the song was uploaded to Swift’s YouTube channel on the 21st October 2022. As of the 24th October 2022, the video had a total of 2.2 million views.

Read the lyrics to “Lavender Haze” here.

*All information accurate at the time of publishing.

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Release Date

21st October 2022


Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Zoë Kravitz, Mark Spears, Jahaan Sweet & Sam Dew


Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Sounwave & Jahaan Sweet



Chart Rankings

- #2 on the UK Top 50 on Spotify. *All chart rankings accurate at the time of publishing.

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